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Personal, Patient & Honest

Here at STOX we believe in a personal and patient approach. Everyone has their own ideas about their future kitchen or floor and we want to help you realise these ideas. Our advisors will gladly sit down with you and discuss all the possibilities. Whatever you’re thinking about, we’ll happily help you bring these ideas to life.
We like to make sure every single one of our clients makes the most informed decision possible and it is our goal to not design a kitchen for you, but to design one with you.

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Have a look at the STOX design process

Our process of designing and giving advice to our clients are all finely tuned to ensure you will receive the flooring and/or kitchen of your dreams.

STOX 3D kitchen design tool

Even in times like these we provide you our services. We do understand that, due to the uncertainties in the current situation, you would rather not leave your house. That is why STOX offers you a free online tool to design the kitchen of your dreams.

After using this tool you can save and download your design and send it to . Our kitchen experts will work out your design and ensure that your dream kitchen becomes reality.

Possibilities to request a quotation during the coronavirus outbreak

Even under the current circumstances STOX will be there for you and welcomes you to visit the showroom. Aren’t you comfortable with the fact that you have to leave the house and go outside to visit the store, but are you looking for a new kitchen or floor and do you want to get more information about the possibilities STOX is offering you? Send us the requirements you wish for including a sample photo or moodboard, the floor plan and the dimensions of the room. We will make your kitchen and floor dreams come true!

Send the above mentioned things to and let our salesmen surprise you with the most fabulous designs.

Example for moodboard
Example floor plan

How do we deal with the coronavirus?
The wellbeing and safety of our customers and employees is our highest priority. We shall carefully monitor and follow the development and advice from the RIVM. We will take action when necessary.

We still welcome you to visit our store. But, we do hope for your understanding and cooperation regarding the precautionary measures that we’ll take during this situation.

What are the precautionary measures that we take
– Our employees will not shake hands with you and will keep appropriate distance
– The appropriate distance being 1,5 meters We monitor the wellbeing of all our employees. Everyone with (minor) health issues stays home.
– We offer our customers mouth caps and wash our hands frequently. You are also allowed to wash your hands and dry them with paper towels found in our stores
– We will clean the store more often during this situation

What do we ask from you?
– Respect the requirements from the RIVM
– Wash your hand frequently when visiting our store
– We ask you and others around you to cough and sneeze inside the elbow
– Don’t visit the store if you have any health issues (such as coughing, fever, sneezing and throat issues)
– If you experience these kinds of health issues, reschedule your appointments with us
– Pay by card

Regular opening hours

  • Comfort
    Take the time to reach the correct decision. Receive what you want, and not what’s being sold to you.
  • Innovation
    Top of the line software, in order to create a transparant design process. No inconvenient surprises.
  • Flexibility
    No restrictions. We will do anything we can to accommodate your wishes, and will find workarounds for potential issues.

A 3D kitchen design at STOX: more experience and experience during the idea phase



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