About us

Our Mission:
It is our primary objective to inspire you, within the boundaries of your budget, and realize the kitchen of your dreams. Together we will explore all possibilities and strive to create a unique result for every home. Kitchens, flooring and window blinds, STOX will provide it for you.

What we can do for you:

Here at STOX we have several key values that we like to uphold for each one of our clients.

Comfort – Innovation – Flexibility

In order to make sure you feel right at home, we will never rush you to your decision. Our advisors pride themselves upon making sure our clients get what they really want, and not what’s being sold to them. We will give you ample time to decide upon what we offer, and strive to provide you with the kitchen/flooring of your dreams.

Being innovative is important, to make sure we keep up with trends and stay relevant. Our main goal is to make our designing process as clear as possible. We like to involve our clients, and make sure you can visualize your kitchen. This means that our design process starts with a two-dimensional drawing, which will then be processed to a three-dimensional drawing. This will be a rendered image, where you can actively look around the room. If you wish to read about our design process more extensively, click on this link for a more elaborate explanation

Making a choice about your floor and/or kitchen is not a simple decision. Therefore our advisors always emphasize being flexible. We try to make sure we do everything possible to get as close to your desired kitchen/floor. If we run into any problems our designers will try their best to find a workaround in order to still realize your ideas.

3D design


  • Honest Pricing
  • Wide Array of Options for Flooring/Kitchens
  • Relaxed Environment
  • Professional Design in 3D/Virtual Reality
  • Trusted Partners
  • Service with a Vision

The STOX-Team

Curious to see who will be helping you to the kitchen and/or floor of your dreams?

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