Ceramic Hobs

Ceramic hobs can be considered to be the middle option when looking at various options for your hob. When compared to their counterparts ceramic hobs tend to be cheaper than induction hobs and more expensive than gas. They also inhibit some pros and cons of gas and induction hobs.

One of the biggest positives about a ceramic hob is maintenance, once the plate is cooled down (let it cool after use, because it remains hot for a while) it is very easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with a cloth and it’s good to go.

One of the things to keep in mind when going for a ceramic hob is that they require a certain type of plugs, which most houses will not have installed yet. The benefit however of having a ceramic hob is that you don’t have to purchase new pans (if your pans have a flat bottom, which works best with a ceramic hob). Besides that it’s also key to remember that ceramic hobs are relatively slow to warm up and cool off.

If you are looking to purchase a ceramic hob, or want to know if it fits your lifestyle, feel free to contact us and we can provide you with more information.

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