Ceramic Worktop

The ceramic worktop is amongst the more popular choices for materials. Main reasons being its’ impressive and stylish look, combined with it being fully made out of natural materials and thus being recyclable.

One of the main advantages of a ceramic worktop is its’ resistance to heat damage. A hot pan being placed on the worktop will have no effect on the material, as it can easily handle hot temperatures. It can even handle full on cutting on the worktop, so in theory you could use the worktop as a cutting board. We don’t recommend doing this even though it is possible, as your knives will become dull very swiftly.
Besides those points it is easy to maintain, very hygienic and durable.

One of the downsides that a ceramic worktop does have is its’ sensitivity to aggressive cleaning materials. You have to be careful and make sure you don’t damage the worktop with an overly aggressive cleaning solution. Besides that you also have to be careful of the edges, when too much weight is applied to a corner for example, it can lead to cracks in the material.

These are some examples of ceramic worktops: