Composite Worktop

Composite worktops are aesthetically pleasing and a very good alternative to a granite worktop. Composite worktops are made from various materials and also come with different finishes. These finishes can leave their effect on the worktop, mainly having an effect on the easiness of cleaning the kitchen.

Besides the different finishes each composite worktop has the important feature of being damage resistant. It’s quite hard to permanently damage the worktop with small scrapes or cuts and this leads to the material being durable. The density of the materials also makes it hard for bacteria to settle on the worktop, making sure the worktop is always hygienic. It’s also possible to get the worktop in various different colours, which is always a good thing when trying to complete the kitchen of your dreams.

The downsides of a composite worktop are mostly related to sensitivity of the material. A hot pan can leave some marks and decolourize certain parts of the worktop. Other than that it’s important to make sure to use the right cleaning materials, so that there’s no permanent damage from aggressive cleaning materials.

These are some examples of composite worktops: