Concrete Worktop

Concrete worktops have seen a rise in popularity in the recent years, and certainly have a quite unique look to them which can’t be diminished. The concrete is made by being poured into a framework, which will be treated accordingly and will take approximately two to three weeks to finish. The result will be a beautiful and stylish worktop.

One of the main advantages is the materials innate strength, concrete is a very strong material which keeps well. It’s quite durable and should be in good condition for a long time, with some timely maintenance. It’s robust look and feel, together with it being composed out of natural materials make it a great choice for your worktop.

One thing to watch out for is aggressive cleaning materials, they can leave stains on the worktop which would be quite a waste to have it damaged like that. Like mentioned earlier it will also require some timely maintenance in order to keep the worktop in top shape.

These are some examples of concrete worktops: