Custom Kitchens

Why choose a custom kitchen?

In some houses a standard design kitchen just won’t cut it. If your kitchen has an angled wall, offset corners or large windows it can be quite hard to fit a standard kitchen. These are some examples that can make it hard to find a right fit when looking at standard kitchens.

Besides that a lot of people value adding their own touch to their kitchen. Here at STOX we provide you the possibility to design your own kitchen, along with our designers and make sure that your new kitchen will fit your home and needs perfectly.

Why choose STOX?

STOX has always been a staple inside the city centre of Amsterdam. This is an area known for its challenging houses design-wise. Sagging foundations, crooked angles and small corners, the Amsterdam centre has it all. These challenges have taught us how to think creatively and offer fitting solutions. Our goal is to always make sure that the space in your kitchen will be used to its maximum effect. Together we will create something that suits your home perfectly and will truly be something unique.

Custom ≠ Expensive

When people think about a custom designed kitchen people tend to immediately think about a very specifically designed, expensive kitchen. This doesn’t have to be the case for all custom kitchens. For some people the kitchen space they have just doesn’t match any prefabricated design or they can be looking for something specific that is also hard to find in standard designs. In these cases a custom fit kitchen can be the perfect solution, especially when looking at smaller spaces this definitely doesn’t have to be a very expensive design.

Curious about the possibilities? Click here and our kitchen advisors will gladly judge the space you have available, to give you professional advice about the options.

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