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Cork flooring is one of the lesser used materials in modern homes. Its lack of popularity does not mean that it’s not a good material to use in your home. Cork has a lot of great qualities that tend to get overlooked and can be a great fit. We’ll take you through some of the pros and cons of this type of flooring, to help you see if cork would be a good fit for you.


Cork has a couple advantages that really make it a great solution for certain homes. One of its biggest advantages is the ability to maintain heat. Cork will hold on to warmth, making it a great way of keeping the temperature stable in a home. Besides it will also maintain its cool temperature in the summer. Making it a very comfortable choice of flooring. The cork floors are also very durable and sustainable. No trees have to be felled to make cork flooring, which is a big plus and it is a truly natural product.

Cork is also known for its comfort when walking on the floor, it has a certain elasticity which are great for people with joint problems. Cork is also great for sound insulation.


One of the main disadvantages of cork is discoloration (by the sun for example). This means that when you have a cork flooring, proper window blinds are basically essential to have. Cork also doesn’t function well with floor heating.

The subsurface on which cork is placed is also important, especially when having it placed in tiles. Tiles need a straight surface, with no bumps, strips are more flexible and don’t require a completely smooth surface.

It’s also important to keep the top layer of cork maintained well, mainly because high traffic spots can damage quite easily without the correct maintenance.

Here is a selection of some of our top selling cork flooring

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