Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone flooring, a classical and stylish way of decorating your living space.

Here at STOX we offer you a wide variety of herringbone flooring. This makes it possible to fully customise your floor and choose a material that you want the most.

A herringbone floor used to be a artisanal option for a wooden floor. Real wooden flooring is still one of the preferred materials for herringbone flooring, but these days it is also possible to have your herringbone floor made up out of various different materials.

Laminate herringbone

One of the more popular materials in herringbone flooring these days is laminate. Laminate has a great look to it and can be mistaken for a real wooden floor in some cases. It’s a cheaper solution, while still having a certain look that only a herringbone floor can provide you. The laminate is mostly the same as a regular laminate floor, only made with different connections so that the planks can be placed in a herringbone pattern.

PVC herringbone

Besides the laminate flooring options, PVC has become quite popular in herringbone patterns as well. Often cheaper than laminate flooring and definitely cheaper than a real wooden floor, PVC is a great affordable option for people who prefer having a herringbone pattern.

For some people a real wooden floor just isn’t an option, due to either budget or the restrictions of their home (think certain apartments that can’t have a real wooden floor). For these situations having the possibility to go for a laminate or PVC herringbone floor is the perfect solution.

Below you will find various examples of herringbone flooring

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