Marmoleum Flooring

One of the more customizable types of flooring, marmoleum is a choice of flooring you should keep in mind when deciding on the type of floor for your home. It has a lot of different qualities, which make it a great option for many people. It sometimes falls in the shadow of other flooring like parquet and laminate flooring, but marmoleum has a lot to offer. We will explain some of its pros and cons, so you can consider whether or not it fits your way of life.


Marmoleum has many different qualities that make it a great choice for flooring. Some of these qualities are: it’s anti-static, it’s hygienic, resistant to damage, great for people with allergies, doesn’t feel cold to the touch, has great thermal qualities, and is a completely natural product.

Besides all these qualities marmoleum is also quite durable, and can last up to 25 years. The way it is made also makes it so that marmoleum is quite customizable, allowing to be placed in various patterns and colours, making it possible to achieve very unique results. It is also pretty good at soundproofing a floor, and works well with floor heating.


Besides all those advantages there are a couple of disadvantages, although not as many as there are advantages.

First of all, the price. Marmoleum is more expensive than the other options for flooring, and that can be an important disadvantage to some. It’s also important that the floor is placed by a craftsman, and someone who has experience with placing marmoleum floor.
Marmoleum, although quite versatile, does not allow to be made into imitation planks like PVC for example.

Here is a selection of some of our top selling marmoleum flooring