Parquet Flooring

One of the older, and always popular choices when it comes to flooring, Parquet. A staple of a traditional, warm home, but also applicable in more modern houses or apartments. The flexibility of parquet shines in a variety of homes, and we will look at some of the advantages, and disadvantages that this type of flooring offers so you can see if it suits you.


One of the main advantages of parquet is that it’s very durable, and can be maintained in excellent fashion. Say for example your floor has some dents and scrapes, when ground down the top surface can be completely restored to its original look.

Besides its durability, the look of a wooden floor is one of its main advantages. A great deal of people appreciate the way this type of flooring looks and therefore it can be a great way to raise property value, and make a room more attractive. Besides that it also works well with floor heating, which is a big plus these days.


One of the primary disadvantages is its sensitivity to temperature/humidity changes. Therefore it should always be monitored and checked before just placing a parquet floor in certain rooms.

The other main disadvantage is the fact that periodic maintenance is important to keep the floor in top shape, but like we explained earlier the parquet floor can be restored to its original form in case it hasn’t been maintained for a while.

Here is a selection of some of our top selling parquet flooring