Gas Hobs

First and foremost, the biggest advantage for most people when purchasing a gas hob is simply the cost of purchase. Most houses will come equipped with gas and therefore you will not have to pay for the installation of any plugs/sockets that an induction/ceramic hob will need.

Besides that all pans work on gas, making the purchase of pans easier and you can also reuse any pans that you might already have.

The downsides of gas tend to come after purchase, the energy consumption of gas is just higher than its counterparts. The energy efficiency of a gas hob lies around 50%, meaning 50% of the energy it uses gets lost. Besides that cleaning a gas hob tends to be more work than cleaning an induction or a ceramic hob. Due to all the corners and odd shapes it will take longer than cleaning the other two.

Gas has it’s pros and cons and some people just tend to like it more than the other two. If you are looking to install a gas hob in your kitchen and you need some advice, our advisors will be happy to help you.

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