Granite Worktop

Granite is known as one of the more luxurious and good looking materials when it comes to your worktop. It can really define a kitchen and give it the finishing touch.

One of the main advantages of a granite worktop is its’ durability. It’s pretty hard to really damage a granite worktop. The material is strong and sturdy, as it is made from minerals. These minerals also determine the colour of the worktop and therefore no granite worktop will look exactly the same as another. Besides that a granite top is quite hygienic and easy to maintain.

So while a granite worktop is almost immune to damage heat, scratches and bumps, it is quite sensitive to stains. Therefore it will require some extra maintenance in the form of impregnating the material. It will require some periodic maintenance to keep the worktop in grade A shape. The price of a granite worktop depends on the country of origin, the average price is lower than materials such as ceramic dekton and various other materials.

These are some examples of granite worktops: