In Home Advice

Do you require personal advice by one of our kitchen experts, but do you think it’s best if we take a look around your living space first? All of that and more is possible with STOX in home advice.

What does an in home appointment entail exactly?

For some situations it’s just easier if an expert sees the situation with his own eyes, in order to make sure the advice compliments the living space. In order to facilitate this we have created the possibility to make your appointment with one of our experts, on a time that suits you. This way you can easily, and comfortably, discuss the plans for your future kitchen.

During this visitation our expert will have look at the space, and create a detailed, custom proposal based upon your preferences. This proposal and design will go by our standard procedures, thus starting out with a detailed two-dimensional drawing of the space and your kitchen. This design will be processed towards a three-dimensional design later on to make sure you get the perfect image of what your future kitchen will look like.

This quote is of course completely free.

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