Induction Hobs

When comparing the various options you have at your disposal there is one definitive advantage to using an induction hob, namely energy consumption.
All the energy an induction hob puts out goes towards heating the pans that are on it, where a ceramic hob heats the whole slate and a gas hob uses flames which only partly heat the pan. Some recently developed induction hobs come with so called ‘flexzones’. These zones make up the entire surface of the hob and allow you to move the pan to whichever position you want.

Just like the ceramic hob the induction hob will most likely require its’ own set of plugs, which may or may not be present in your house already. Besides that induction is fairly easy to clean, once the pan is removed from the hob it will instantly cool down and since it is just a square plate (usually) there aren’t any nooks or crannies which will be hard to clean.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all pans work effectively with induction, so it might be necessary to look for new pots and pans that work with induction. Other than that induction is one of the more popular type of hobs these days, especially with lots of people trying to lower their gas consumption it shines as a great option.

If you’re looking to install an induction hob in your kitchen our advisors will gladly take you through the various options we can provide.

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