Laminate Worktop

Laminate worktops are among the most popular worktops around. The worktop is made up out of different layers, consisting of a sublayer, a middle layer and is finished off with an artificial finish. In total a laminate worktop is constructed out of more than ten layers.

Some of the primary advantages of a laminate worktop consist of durability and price. A laminate worktop is made out of affordable material, which can really help keep the cost of a kitchen under control. Besides the price, it is also a durable material. So it is not a question of price-quality here, because even though it is relatively cheap, it still holds its own compared to the other materials. The wide variety of options to choose come when it comes to colours and styles make laminate highly customizable.

One of the main downsides of a laminate top is the fact that it is not heat resistant. So you have to be careful when moving or putting down hot pans. Besides that it just doesn’t give that luxury look and feel like a granite worktop would for example. Last but not least, the material is durable, but can also be damaged quite easily. So heavy objects and chopping on the worktop can leave some damage, something most people want to avoid.

These are some examples of laminate worktops: