Here at STOX Kitchens & Flooring we are always looking to surprise our clients with new promotions.
Our goal for these promotions is to give you extras when purchasing your kitchen and/or flooring and allow you to get additional components in your kitchen and/or house for great deals.

Current Promotions

The STOX Golden Tip

Do you know someone who is looking for a new kitchen? Our top of the line ‘Ballerina’ kitchens are available with high discounts.

When you refer someone to us who buys one of these kitchens, you will receive a discount voucher of no less than € 500!

View our terms and conditions here, or the ‘Ballerina’ kitchens here.

Miele Oven Sale

We are clearing out some excellent ovens from our showroom!

These showroom models are in excquisite state, and are as good as new.

The following models are on sale:

  • Miele DGC6400 Steam oven + Oven
  • SOLD – Miele H6401B Oven
  • Miele H6200B Oven + Steam function
  • SOLD – Miele DG6200 Steam oven

For more information concerning the supply or specifications of these appliances we request you contact our showroom.

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