Here at STOX Kitchens & Flooring we are always looking to surprise our clients with new promotions.
Our goal for these promotions is to give you extras when purchasing your kitchen and/or flooring and allow you to get additional components in your kitchen and/or house for great deals.

Current Promotions

SMEGxSTOX Dishwasher Promotion

When purchasing 4 appliances from the built-in appliances selection you will receive a free dishwasher!

You can choose from:

  • 82cm high STA6247D9
  • 86cm high STL26123


  • 4 Appliances from different product groups
  • Dishwasher is 5th appliance
  • Stove counts for two
  • When purchasing a different model dishwasher € 300 will be deducted (doesn’t apply to cheaper models)
  • Faucets and accessoires don’t count.

Miele Oven Sale

We are clearing out some excellent ovens from our showroom!

These showroom models are in excquisite state, and are as good as new.

The following models are on sale:

  • Miele DGC6400 Steam oven + Oven
  • Miele H6401B Oven
  • Miele H6200B Oven + Steam function
  • Miele DG6200 Steam oven

For more information concerning the supply or specifications of these appliances we request you contact our showroom.

The STOX-Faucet Promotion

You will receive a temporary discount when purchasing your kitchen. Besides all our other current promotions you will also receive a faucet, free upon purchasing your kitchen.

Ask our salesmen for more information! (Excl. Quooker faucets)

The STOX BBQ-Promotion

When purchasing a kitchen and/or floor you will receive a free Boretti barbecue. We have several barbecues from which you can choose your desired model.

Curious? Ask our salesmen for the conditions!

The STOX Showroom-Sale

Some of our showroom appliances are on sale! For unique prices you will be able to purchase the following appliances:

  1. Frilec 7070 EBE – € 349,-
  2. Miele CVA6800 – € 1599,-
  3. Exquisit EBM4546 – € 399,-
  4. Siemens HB632GBS1 – € 549,-
  5. Etna OM370RVS – € 349,-
  6. Siemens CM585AMSO – € 549,-
  7. Smeg SF6400TVN – € 399,-
  8. Etna OM865RVS – € 299,-
  9. Etna CM344ZT – € 599,-
  10. Miele KWT6112IG – € 1699,-
  11. Smeg SF6390XE – € 799,-

These appliances are subject to availability. For information on current stock please contact or visit our showroom!