Quooker Taps

Are you interested in a Quooker tap? Quooker taps are known as the best quality and design when it comes to boiling water taps in the Netherlands. Born and bred in the Netherlands, Quooker provides you with a wide array of options for your faucet. These options include all-in-one taps, but also the option to go for two separate taps.

Advantages Quooker taps

  • Boiling water without having to wait for it (great for making tea or cooking pasta/rice/potatoes for example)
  • Luxurious and adjustable design (many different colours and styles available for each faucet)
  • No wasted energy, you only boil the actual water that you use
  • When the reservoir empties (3-7 litres), boiling new water only takes 10-20 minutes
  • Extremely safe, due to the push-twist mechanism it’s practically impossible to accidentally use the boiling water tap. This also makes it safe for kids to be around the faucets.


Available Quooker-models

Quookers @ STOX

STOX offers various different Quooker models, like the ones shown above.

We have a variety of taps on display in our showroom, with a working example to show you what the tap can do exactly.

If you’d like more information or have a look at the models in our showroom, please visit us in our showroom or make an appointment.

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