Flooring Installation

Many of our clients choose to have their floor placed by STOX. In some houses it’s relatively easy to do yourself, in some it can be quite difficult. Either way you have the option to have STOX install your floor in any type of house. Placing a floor can be difficult if you have never done this before, therefore we recommend having it done by experts if you yourself do not have any experience with fitting a floor.

The STOX team has many years of experience and has encountered many challenges over the years. Due to these challenges our installers are versatile and great at solving problems that they may encounter. Our team will gladly install various flooring types for you, whether it be herringbone or regular flooring patterns, everything is possible.

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Installation, do it yourself or let us do it?

As we mentioned earlier the final choice whether you choose to take care of the installation yourself is up to you. Depending on your style of house and choice of flooring it can be easy, but also incredibly hard. Therefore we will recommend you to have it carried out by our experts, this also ensures that when you face any issues with the floor one of our partners will take care of the problem. This will make sure you can relax and not be worried about your floor.

It’s also important to take into account whether or not you have certain obstacles or oddly shaped objects in the room. A fireplace can be a challenge for example, when installing a floor in a room that has one of these objects it’s essential that you know how to deal with that.

Additional service

Besides installing the floor we offer various other service relation options. We can also maintain your floor and schedule a maintenance appointment, where we sand and/or oil/wax your floor. For some flooring types this is essential to keep the floor in good condition.