Interior Advice

STOX has partnered up with het stijlburo, creating a special offer for all our clients!
Be inspired by Hilde, from ‘het stijlburo’

What does this mean for you?

  • Custom tailored styling advice, based upon your wishes
  • Professional advice concerning the combination of various parts of your home
  • Unique advice based upon fresh eyes.

What will it cost you?

Your consult with ‘het stijlburo’ is completely free!

You will receive a custom tailored advice from Hilde, which you can make use of if you’d like. The choice is ultimately yours, but the advice that you receive is free on the 7th of december.

Plan your appointment!

We recommend you schedule an appointment with Hilde through the added form.

This way we can ensure you have enough time to get the proper treatment.

Styling advice is possible in our showroom on the 7th of december, or at another date in your own home.

Our session on the 7th of December is fully booked, you can register for future sessions below!

Register for future styling advice

Click below to view a selection of ‘het stijlburos’ portfolio!

Any questions?

Contact us!

Rather have a session at home?

That’s also a possibility, except it wont be a free half hour like you will receive in our showroom.

Book your appointment at home.