Working with STOX will provide you with some simple but important perks.

#1 The Complete STOX Service

Here at STOX we offer you the possibility to purchase a complete package. Kitchens, flooring and window blinds. Purchasing these three components with the same supplier has a great influence on the schedule, the transport and the price. If you choose to purchase a combination of these components we will take care of the entire process of scheduling the delivery and installation. Thus eliminating the chances of miscommunication between different companies, allowing you to be sure about your purchase. Purchasing these various components from one company also means that all your warranties will be taken care of by the same company.

Keep it simple, no hassle.

#2 Beside Logistic Perks, Enjoy Financial Benefits

Besides the aforementioned logistical advantages, a cooperation with STOX also lets you take advantage of some financial opportunities. By combining the various components that STOX has to offer you (kitchens, flooring and window blinds), we have the ability to provide you with a uniquely priced package.

Besides a better selling price we can also save you money on transports. Instead of making appointments with various transport companies, we will make one single appointment with our trusted partner in transport.

One agreement, one company.

#3 Experienced Kitchen- and Flooringadvisors

Over the years we’ve had a great deal of different cases, providing us with extensive experience when it comes to designing and installing kitchens and/or flooring in the Amsterdam area. The houses in Amsterdam are well known for their challenges design-wise; small spaces, subsidence of the flooring or irregular angles, we have seen it all. Every experience is something we take with us to our next project.

We also provide our clients the possibility to get a clear image of what the end result will be, early in the design process. We make use of 2D/3D renders to give you a digital image. By providing you with accompanying physical examples in our showroom you will not only see a projection of the end result, but also have a tangible image of what the material feels like. This gives you the opportunity to see the different colours and materials together and get the best possible preview of what your kitchen and/or flooring will look like once assembled.

The best quality and your satisfaction, is our priority.