Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are made out of small strips that have been placed above each other horizontally. They are controlled through a string, which allows them to be adjusted and opened or closed. This makes them a very solid choice for window blinds, as they are adjustable in many different positions and are great for controlling sunlight.
When pulled all the way up venetian blinds take up very little space, which can be considered a major advantage towards some other types of window blinds.

When making the choice to go for venetian blinds it’s important to consider which material you prefer. The most popular materials are either wood or aluminum. Aluminum is often less expensive than wooden blinds and can fit better in a modern house. Wooden is however a natural product, which is also an important aspect for some.

Which material you like best is a personal preference of course, here at STOX we are glad to help you find the right material for you. For more information you can always contact our showroom.

Here are some examples of venetian blinds