STOX winecoolers are known as top of the line coolers. We offer our winecoolers in many different shapes and sizes. To give an example, we have some smaller units that only have one climate zone, but we also offer larger and wider units that have up to three climate zones.

We have distinguished four categories amongst our winecoolers, these categories being; kitchen series, kitchen integrated, kitchen undercounter and kitchen freestanding.

Why a winecooler?

  • Winecoolers are easy to use and they look stylish. The primary goal of our wine coolers is to keep your wine cool, safe and stored in the right way.
  • A traditional fridge is able to hold wine, but it is not ideal for your wine. It has various negative effects on wine, but mostly involves the expiration date of your wine.
  • A wine cooler is designed specifically to keep your wine in the perfect state, but besides just storing your wine, it also adds a certain luxurious look to your kitchen. Various units have lights on the inside which create a stylish and luxurious addition to your kitchen.

Would you like to hear more about the possibilities of having a winecooler in your future or current kitchen?

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