Wooden Worktop

There’s nothing like the homey feel of a wooden worktop. Wood has a certain style which makes it look amazing in some kitchens and the opposite in others. It’s important to select the right colour and finish when applying wood in your kitchen, as there are a variety of options to choose from.

One of the primary advantages about wood is that it’s made from a sustainable material, which has its’ own unique style. Wood has a certain natural and warm look that a lot of people appreciate.

The downside for a wooden worktop is mostly related to damage resistance. A wooden worktop can be quite fragile to bumps and scrapes, leaving small but still noticeable marks on the material. Other than that it requires a lot of maintenance in order to keep it in pristine condition and it doesn’t deal well with high temperatures. Besides the aforementioned properties, wood can also be less hygienic than other options for your worktop.

These are some examples of wooden worktops: